Jessica Breitenfeld – Therapist for teenage girls

September 20, 2023 | Therapists & Coaches Spain
Jessica Breitenfeld - Therapist for teenage girls

AETG-certified therapist in Gestalt Psychotherapy

Jessica Breitenfeld – therapist and coach – can guide your teenage daughter to confidently navigate life’s challenges, speak her mind, build healthy relationships and radiate self-assuredness.  During her own training to become an AETG-certified therapist in Gestalt Psychotherapy, Jessica conquered her own battles with self-esteem and body image. “I thought I was ugly, hated my big-boned German body, and worried if any man would ever love me – let alone – even call me again.”


She has worked most of her career with young women and wholeheartedly believes that we save time and get happier faster if we start our interpersonal journey young.

Jessica addresses risky behaviours, extreme dieting behaviours, cyberbullying, and screen time so your daughter is encouraged to set goals, develop personal growth, manage stress, and navigate responsibilities. She uses improvisation, role play and visualisation to teach social skills for different environments.


Warm, funny and non-judgmental, Jessica offers highly personalised sessions on issues such as:
*emotional regulation techniques and coping skills
*exploring sense of self, values, and self-worth
*friendship dynamics, peer pressure, bullying, and social anxiety.


Working with Jessica – in her own words

There’s no need to hold on to painful subconscious patterns or beliefs that create harmful behaviour. We will gently and safely help you to release these unhelpful patterns with Psychological Kinesiology. By identifying the earlier memory (like being ignored by your father) we can then realise that you get triggered when someone ignores your needs. Using a Neurolinguistic Programming whole brain technique, your subconscious releases it and replaces it with new patterns that allow you to move forward positively.


This was a challenging, yet very rewarding process for me – it changed how I Iive my life. I did many EAT PRAY LOVE tours in Asia, and when I felt better, I moved to Barcelona. I have been working in Barcelona for 9 years now. I am a Vice President of the Barcelona Women’s Network, and was voted ¨Top Female Speaker in Europe¨ by Toastmasters in 2022. I am a mentor for the Youth Toastmasters Club. I have trained teens to speak with confidence using improvisation and role play.


It has been 15 years now that I have encouraged confidence in teenagers and children around he world. As a Canadian who has lived in 6 continents I have learned to speak French, Spanish, German and the language of emotions (which is he hardest one!). Teens like me – I’m like that crazy, childfree auntie who remembers what it’s like to be young and insecure.


Still reading?

I’m here to help you rewrite that story. Together, we’ll empower your daughter to break free from self-doubt and anxiety. No more biting her tongue or holding back. In one session, she will feel more in her skin. In just three months, you’ll see her confidence increase in actionable ways. Tears, laughter, and growth are all part of the journey.


So, if you know it’s time, together we’ll embark on a journey toward self-empowerment, helping her stand tall and embrace her worth.


This is not your typical talk therapy #Queen #girlpower #LGBT+ #boundaries

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What we like about them

  Free discovery call
  Jessica's own journey and experiences make her an empathetic therapist and coach
  Jessica has a great rapport with young people

In their own words

I have been called the ‘Devilish Advocate’, because I can empower your daughter to do the good she wants to do in this world. Practical, warm and humorous – I would be pleased to meet you.¨ Jess


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