Kaleidoscope School, Plaisance-du-Touch

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Kaleidoscope School is a French-English bilingual school for children aged 3-11.


Kaleidoscope School (Kaleidoscope École Bilingue) a French-English bilingual school teaching children from preschool to grade 3. In accordance with France’s national curriculum, Kaleidoscope School’s teaching program conforms entirely with that dictated by ministry of education and the EYF (Early Years Foundations-UK).

To foster a bilingual environment, total immersion is shared in half-days: French mornings and afternoons in English or vice versa, to practice both languages daily. There is a full immersion in English or French on Wednesdays.

In addition to regular schooling, the school opens its doors every Wednesday and during the school holidays, to introduce children to English or to improve the level.


Tuition fees are fixed at 5,280 euros annually, with 1,620 extra for Wednesday classes. For a list of extra services and a breakdown of school fees click here.

Enrollments can be started online by following the Enrollment links here.


Kaleidoscope bilingual school is located in the west of Toulouse, in the Plaisance-du-Touch district next to Colomiers.

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14 Rue Isaac Newton, 31830 Plaisance-du-Touch / mail@ecole-kaleidoscope.comwww.ecole-kaleidoscope.com

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