Karin Nemec – Grünfin

July 11, 2022 |
Karin Nemec - Grünfin

CEO & Co-founder

Karin Nemec is the CEO and Co-founder of Grünfin. Grünfin invests your money in carefully selected exchange-traded funds, while focusing on low-cost, long-term, and diversified investing. Your investments benefit the planet and society along with providing financial returns. Karin’s drive for sustainable planet development comes from being a mother of two. She believes that “investing through the lens of ESGs and UN Sustainable Development Goals is not only the right and good thing to do, but also leads to better risk-return ratios as climate change intensifies and physical risks increase”.

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As part of the green finance movement, Grüfin is using novel investing strategies to complement and support climate action by choosing funds with companies that show their commitment to climate goals. Grünfin portfolios are with global companies that rank high in sustainability matters. This is crucial because in order to make a difference and have an impact, large industries must be apart of the solution. Grünfin then interacts with these companies and works with them on topics concerning climate change, workforce conditions, and public health.

Women are considered to be more responsible investors than men. More than 80% of women want their investments to promote social well-being and sustainable development of the planet and Grüfin’s goal is to provide a financial product aligned with the values for the future that female investors appreciate.

For more than 10 years, Karin worked for the largest retail bank in Sweden as a Director of the Corporate Products Division. Now she’s shifted her path towards investing management and impact-driven investments. Karin has a Global Executive MBA degree from the IESE Business School and is an expert in Sustainable Finance certified by the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

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What we like about them

  Strong desire to make the world a better place
  Empower women to invest
  Mission to make a more sustainable planet

In their own words

Investing in a more sustainable planet is more likely to succeed if more of us do so.


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