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May 25, 2021 | Italy, Women in Business, Women Milan

Katherina Tsaliki CoachKatherina Tsalikis, Coach and Consultant, founded Kinetic Thinking, taking advantage of her 20 years of company experience as a coach, workshop facilitator and consultant. Born in Canada from a Greek father and a Swiss mother, Katherina learned quickly how to grow in a multicultural environment. She moved to Barcelona in 1994 to finish her studies in Business Administration with a specialisation in International Management and Human Resources and then followed 13 years of managing  large scale cross functional/national projects linked to change and organisational development. In 2007, she obtained her diploma from the Academy of Executive Coaching at the Center for Gestalt Therapy in London. Upon her return to Italy she supported top teams and leaders of multinational companies as a consultant to develop the core competencies needed to motivate people and change the corporate culture. Following several prominent HR positions, in 2015 she decided to leave the corporate world and find a more satisfying work life balance by spending more time with her children (now 18 and 15 years old) and collaborating with her training network offering individual and team coaching.

Her area of expertise is in personal development (change management, team and individual coaching, emotional intelligence and “vulnerable leadership”). Specifically she has developed a method to unblock limiting beliefs in order to increase personal efficacy at work and in one’s private life. Once unblocked, the person finds a new wellbeing that produces energy translated into results: personal and professional.

At Kinetic Thinking, Katherina Tsalikis and fellow coach Barbara Vadoni have developed a course for parents based on Emotional Intelligence, stress management, and a coaching approach to improve communication skills from both sides (parents and kids). Consultations can be face to face in Milan or online.

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