Dr Ken Jennings

Dr Ken Jennings is a Counselling Psychologist with over 35 years of experience. He offers private consulting, executive coaching and business workshops. He utilises a narrative, ecosystemic therapeutic approach and his consultative methodology is respectful and collaborative so that change can unfold in an emotionally safe conversational space. Ken is mindful of the complexity of emotional difficulties. In the therapeutic process he helps to generate new possibilities for action by expanding the way one interprets and perceives the difficulty.


Ken believes that we are both energy and information systems and that mind and body are in constant dialogue with each other. Given this, physical ailments and emotional struggles are intertwined. With regard to his clinical work, he has had extensive experience working with:


• post traumatic stress reaction
• depression and stress
• addictions and eating disorders
• sexual concerns and difficulties
• existential life issues
• career and work related performance struggles
• relationship and marital issues, divorce
• family problems and parental concerns
• children with emotional struggles


Besides his clinical work, Ken has extensive experience in the field of performance psychology. He has consulted with the South African Olympic team, as well as the South African cricket, rugby, hockey, bowls, rowing, swimming and polo teams. On an individual level, he has worked with international cyclists, golfers, tennis players, marathon runners, triathletes, jockeys, show jumpers, racing drivers and gymnasts. Ken has consulted with film companies on television commercials that require babies and children to perform in required roles. He has developed a unique model of performance when consulting with children in a playful, creative way and has helped facilitate numerous award winning television commercials.


He has written two books and numerous articles and has presented workshops on leadership, mentoring, coaching, sports enhancement, as well as family therapy.

What we like about them

  Free first introductory meeting of 30 minutes.
  Experience with relationship and marital issues and family problems and parental concerns.
  Experience with working with children with emotional struggles.

In their own words

Ask a simple question and then take time to deeply reflect on what unfolds in the conversation. It is in the space between the words that many possibilities for change exist. In order to better understand the reality we experience, we need to look at how our assumptions and beliefs frame our perspective.” Dr Ken Jennings


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