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May 13, 2021 | Therapists & Coaches Italy

Katherina Tsalikis & Barbara Vandoni

Kinetic Thinking was founded in 2016 by Katherina Tsalikis. Katherina works closely with fellow coach Barbara Vandoni. Kinetic Thinking offers coaching, workshops and change management for individuals and companies, to face their challenges and overcome obstacles by generating energy and well-being. The team brings over 20 years of direct experience. Katherina and Barbara both have expat backgrounds and have developed a programme to help people relocate and settle down in new countries.

The focus of their coaching is on life transitions, helping clients through the various life evolutions, helping them to define and choose new alternatives, different visions and thinking about new potential solutions for their personal life, family life or work life. Both Katherina and Barbara understand well the different potential challenges that could be faced and work with their clients to get the most out of their experience abroad. Born in Canada from Greek/Swiss parents allowed Katherina to adapt to the multicultural environment that she was raised in and Barbara, a native Italian, has lived and worked for part of her adult life in Asia, Australia & USA.


Katherina and Barbara are both mothers and they both know how challenging it is to help kids and teens to adapt to a new country. As a direct response to their own experiences they have developed a course for parents based on Emotional Intelligence, stress management, and a coaching approach to improve communication skills from both sides (parents and kids). They found out from their own personal experience, the importance of the way we approach children and adolescents in order for them to trust their parents and as a result talk to them with more willingness and transparency and more openly and easily.


Consultations can be face to face in Milan, or via web from anywhere in the world. Sessions are offered in English or Italian.

What we like about them

  Developed a course for expats and families directly from their own life and relocation experiences.
  Both coaches are mothers and understand the struggles of other mothers.

In their own words

We are passionate about our jobs as coaches since we have experienced directly how coaching can help in tough transitions. As an expat you experience some challenging moments that are not always easy to overcome. A coach can help you to understand how you react to these challenges, discover your strengths and find new strategies to adapt to this new life. Coaching allowed us in changing our approach, strengthening relationships with others, especially our family. Understanding our own needs and those of others can create deeper relationships which are vital in critical life transitions.” Katherina Tsalikis & Barbara Vandoni



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