Kings College Chamartín (King’s Infant School)

February 16, 2024 | Madrid, Schools Madrid

Kings College Chamartín (King’s College Infant School)

King’s College Chamartín (King’s Infant School) is a British school in the heart of Madrid that offers children aged 12 months to 7 years total immersion in British education and values.

Classes are taught in English by highly qualified British teachers and pupils achieve their maximum potential in all academic and social areas of school life, building towards their future. Their 150 students make up a community of more than 25 nationalities, which teaches the children openness and willingness to learn from others.

In February 2023, as a British Overseas School, the PENTA inspection for the UK Department of Education awarded the school an Outstanding rating in all categories.

King’s College Chamartín combines high-quality British education with exploratory learning, in an enriching and creative space for young students to thrive. Specially designed facilities include dedicated classroom spaces for art, science and nature.

Scientific research undeniably underscores the transformative impact of exceptional early learning on later educational outcomes. The educational paradigm offered at King’s College Chamartín goes beyond simply preparing children for primary education and beyond, giving them a substantial advantage and encouraging accelerated future learning. A landmark OECD study conducted in January 2020 affirmed the lasting influence of quality early education on pupils’ long-term performance. The study highlighted the critical role of high quality early learning, as opposed to more basic early years child care, in producing this positive impact.


The school’s pedagogical approach has been carefully crafted, drawing on insights from the latest advances in cognitive science to ensure a profound early learning experience. This, in turn, becomes a powerful catalyst for improving learning in subsequent academic years.

Their methodology reflects the imperative for high quality learning highlighted in the OECD report. At the heart of this approach is cultivating connections and relationships through inquiry-based learning.

King’s College Chamartín empowers children to think independently, which then becomes a sustained practice, directly contributing to superior reading and maths skills as they progress through school.

The school’s creative and exploratory pedagogies are strategically designed to equip children with the tools necessary to maximise their learning potential as they progress through the rigorous framework of the English National Curriculum. King’s College Chamartín are not only providing an education, but cultivating a foundation for continuous learning and academic excellence.


King’s College Chamartín (King’s Infant School) is located in the beautiful Chamartín neighbourhood close to the heart of Madrid.

Fees and Admissions

Tuition fees start at €2,600 per term (with 3 terms per year) for nursery pupils and increases to €3,060 per term for Year 2 pupils (aged 6 to 7). Visit the King’s College Chamartín website for a full breakdown of fees and other costs.

Parents in Madrid can read more about the admissions process and book a personalised tour to discover the school first hand.

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