King’s College La Moraleja – The British School of Madrid

April 11, 2024 | Blog, Education

King’s College, La Moraleja is a co-educational private school in Madrid, providing a British education for pupils aged 2 to 16 years old.

Located in the esteemed La Moraleja neighbourhood, the school enjoys a serene and pleasant setting in a residential community that boasts lush green spaces, upscale housing, and a safe, family-friendly environment.  

Read on to find out more about the school’s approach to education and what sets them apart in the Spanish capital. 

King’s College La Moraleja

How would you describe King’s College La Moraleja? What makes the school unique?

King’s College School, La Moraleja is a prestigious school nestled in a vibrant and dynamic community. Top GCSE results both within the Inspired group and within the local area ensure an excellent academic experience. As the first High-Performance Learning (HPL) World Class School in Spain, it stands out for its commitment to excellence in education.

The school offers state-of-the-art facilities, including spacious classrooms, science laboratories and a swimming pool at its Salvia site. Students have access to IT suites, and outdoor recreational spaces. Students benefit from a beautiful setting and a diverse, multicultural environment.



How would you describe the English National Curriculum for someone who may not be familiar with the British system?

King’s College La Moraleja follows the English National Curriculum, providing a comprehensive and rigorous education for students. This curriculum emphasises a broad range of subjects, including English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, and Languages. Students take iGCSE exams, ensuring a well-rounded academic experience.

Are most of the students at Kings College La Moraleja from British families?

While King’s College, La Moraleja welcomes families from diverse backgrounds, a significant portion of students come from British families. This diversity enriches the classroom and playground experiences, creating a multicultural learning environment.

What is the balance of languages spoken at the school (in the classroom, as well as the playground)?

At King’s College La Moraleja, the balance of languages spoken in the classroom and on the playground reflects the diverse and multicultural community of the school. While English is the primary language of instruction, given the school’s adherence to the English National Curriculum, students also have the opportunity to engage with Spanish as a secondary language.

In the classroom, English is predominantly used for academic instruction, discussions, and coursework. This helps students develop fluency and proficiency in the language, preparing them for an international academic environment.

Outside of formal lessons, in the playground and during informal interactions, students often communicate in English or Spanish depending on the group they are with. This  environment fosters language development and cultural understanding among students from various backgrounds.

Given the international nature of the school, students may also speak other languages, reflecting the rich tapestry of cultures present at King’s College School, La Moraleja. This diverse linguistic environment creates a dynamic and inclusive atmosphere where students learn from each other’s languages and cultures, enhancing their global awareness and communication skills.

King’s College School, La Moraleja is the first High-Performance Learning (HPL) World Class School in Spain – can you tell us more?



As the first HPL World Class School in Spain, King’s College La Moraleja focuses on nurturing students’ potential to achieve high levels of academic success for all. The HPL approach emphasises critical thinking, creativity, and resilience, preparing students for future challenges.

The school provides tailored support for students who require additional language or academic assistance. Through dedicated programmes and resources, students receive the guidance needed to excel in their studies.

King’s College School in La Moraleja caters for students up to the age of 16. Do the majority of Year 11 pupils transfer to King’s College Soto de Viñuelas, which is also in Madrid?

For students transitioning to King’s College Soto de Viñuelas after Year 11, the schools ensure a smooth transition process. Collaborative efforts, including open communication and familiarisation activities, help students seamlessly move to the next phase of their education.

What is the School’s approach to technology and screen time?

King’s College La Moraleja adopts a balanced approach to technology, integrating it into the curriculum while promoting responsible screen time usage. Students benefit from modern learning tools while developing essential digital skills. 

Inspired AI is at the forefront of the student experience. It provides a personalised learning experience for students and has an incredible impact on their learning.

What kind of support is in place to help newly arrived students settle in?



Newly arrived students receive dedicated support to help them settle into the school community. From orientation programmes to buddy systems, the school ensures a warm and welcoming transition for all students.

How involved are parents and guardians in the school community?

Parents and guardians play an integral role in the school community, with opportunities for involvement in various activities and events. The school fosters a collaborative relationship between parents, teachers, and students for a well-rounded educational experience.

What does it mean to be part of the Inspired schools group?

As part of the Inspired Schools Group, King’s College La Moraleja joins a network of renowned international schools committed to excellence in education. This affiliation provides access to global resources and best practices, enriching the school’s educational offerings.

What would you say to prospective parents considering the school for their children?

For prospective parents considering King’s College La Moraleja, the school offers an unparalleled educational experience in a vibrant and nurturing environment. With a commitment to academic excellence, diverse cultural experiences, and comprehensive support systems, the school ensures every student reaches their full potential.

What are the lifestyle benefits for international families living in Madrid?

Living in Madrid offers international families a rich cultural experience, from world-class museums and historical landmarks to vibrant festivals and culinary delights. Families can enjoy a high quality of life with excellent healthcare, transportation, and recreational options in this cosmopolitan city.

These factors combine to make King’s College School, La Moraleja a top choice for families seeking a premium educational institution in Madrid, Spain.

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Contact Details:

Main building – Junior and Secondary campus
Paseo de Alcobendas 5, La Moraleja, Madrid, 28109

+34 916 585 540

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