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September 2, 2022 |
Kristin Berry Coaching

Executive & Life Coach

Kristin Berry Coaching – Kristin is originally from Chicago but has lived in Barcelona since 2007 where she works as a certified executive, life and team coach as well as a trainer and professor at a business school. Kristin specialises in bringing leadership techniques to teachers and educators in order for them to create stronger relationships with their students and be able to motivate them more in the classroom. Kristin understands that no one lives or leads in isolation and therefore her work revolves around leadership through relationships.

The first relationship is with oneself and coaching serves as a deep dive into self-awareness. From that place she accompanies clients toward more authentic relationships with others in life and in a leadership role at work.

Kristin also trains and coaches teams on topics of communication, motivation, conflict resolution, and resilience among many other topics, so that people feel at ease and motivated in their team and work environment which, incidentally, leads to more productivity. During coaching sessions Kristin asks thought-provoking questions to take clients out of their comfort zone and help them discover and maximise their strengths as well as find their own solutions from within during challenging situations.

Kristin also uses the wisdom of the mind-body connection and even artistic exercises to increase clients’ awareness and their emotional intelligence. Through the process of coaching with Kristin, clients are able to discover how to live and lead in a way that resonates with their personal values, strengths and dreams.

In addition to her coaching business, Kristin is an adjunct professor at the EAE business school where she designs and teaches Management Skills courses for the International MBA and Masters in International Business programmes. Kristin is bilingual in Spanish and English.

What we like about them

  Multiple coaching options
  Offers in-person and online appointments

In their own words

Stronger leadership comes through more authentic relationships with oneself, others and the world.” Kristin

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