La Città Infinita, various locations

July 28, 2018 | Activities, Barcelona & Sant Cugat, Catalonia, Maresme & Girona, Sitges, Spain

The Città Infinita is a construction game/activity/performance where children can create and recreate urban places. Wooden bricks and blocks in different shapes and sizes, combined with children’s imagination have resulted in fabulous creations of houses, buildings, major public works, tunnels, bridges and roads connecting participants. The great diversity of pieces has an important role in the construction game, increasing the possible combinations, feeding fantasy and imagination in the city’s design. Each group of participants shape their own Città Infinita using the universal language of creativity and manual skills, developing a unique project. Since 2008, Città Infinita has built hundreds of cities, each with its own identity. Roberta Genova brought the project, originally from Italy, to Spain in 2014.

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Jane Mitchell

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  1. Jane Mitchell says:

    I attended one of these events in Alella with my 3 children who were 12, 9 and 6 at the time. I would say that the events are most suited to children between 4 and 10 years old but all 3 of mine enjoyed being immersed in a world of their own for a while. The event was very well organised, Roberta is charming and the city the children built (along with parents) was spectacular.

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