La Clínica Milagrosa, Madrid

July 4, 2018 | Madrid, Maternity Services, Spain

This clinic is situated in the centre of Madrid. It has two new rooms specially designed to make you feel like you are having a home birth but within the safety of a medical centre. Regina Cárdenas is the gynaecologist promoting a different approach to giving birth to that commonly seen in many hospitals and clinics in Madrid, where episiotomies, caesareans etc. are the normal practice. Here, mothers-to-be can choose the position in which they want to give birth, there is also the use of birthing chairs, birthing pools and massage to aid with the birth. They have also implemented a Childbirth Preparation Workshop that consists of seven weekly sessions of two hours structured into three levels, one for each trimester of pregnancy. Each session has a set objectives supported by theoretical and practical content. Among other things, those attending these workshops will learn breathing during pregnancy, to exercise the pelvic floor, positions during childbirth, proper exercises to stay in shape and also relaxation, and will end with content about the care and feeding of the newborn.

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Maike Huebner

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C/ Modesto Lafuente, 14, 28010 Madrid / +34 914 472 100 /

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  1. MumAbroad says:

    If you want to give birth in a more natural way, being able to design the event however you like, there are 3 gynaecologists that opened two nice delivery rooms in the Milagrosa Clinic. It’s a little expensive (around 2.000€) but I think worth it. I gave birth there and they try hard to make it the best. Very likely they speak some English. (Maike Huebner)

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