La Preschool des Batignolles

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Bilingual Preschool in Paris

A bilingual preschool located in the heart of Batignolles, Paris, La Preschool des Batignolles welcomes children from 2 years old until entry to primary school. The teaching team is comprised of native French-speakers and native English-speakers, thus preparing students to enter reputed international schools and bilingual establishments. A true green oasis in the heart of Paris, the school offers its students and their parents a warm and bright cocoon, focused on the pleasure of learning together. The school has placed children and their parents at the heart of its purpose, with the mission to offer students exceptional conditions to guarantee success in their early learning.

La Preschool des Batignolles comprises the following: International Bilingual School, 3 hours of outdoor learning per day, Individualised teaching and National Education Curriculum enriched with the English equivalent (Early Years Foundation Stage). The children are exposed to French and English on a rotational weekly basis (one week in French and one week in English).  They are encouraged to communicate in both languages thanks to the mixed programme and bilingual teachers, native in their language of instruction. The students benefit from immersion in an international environment, thus allowing bilingualism to grow and flourish spontaneously. This bilingual education also allows the school to welcome English-speaking students and teach them the basics of French from an early age, making the school an international kindergarten.

Parental Services are also available such as coaching, advice and at home services as well as Le Kids Club des Batignolles; a Wednesday programme, After School Club and Holiday Camp offering enriching activities such as Scavenger Hunts, The Little Greenhouse and the Sensorium Emporium.

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Contact Details:

49 rue Lemercier , 75017 Paris
+33 (0) 6 61 48 62 68

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