Laser Quest, Mataró

November 6, 2017 | Activities, Catalonia, Family Services, Maresme & Girona, Spain

Laser Quest is a fun activity for kids aged 8 and over. The children are split into 2 groups and each team has to gain points by lasering the opposition.

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Carrie Frais

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Carrer Carrasco i Formiguera, 35, 08302 Mataró / +34 937 571 186 / /

2 responses to “Laser Quest, Mataró”

  1. MumAbroad says:

    My son loves Laser Quest and recently had his birthday party there. His friends had a great time too. Highly recommend! (Carrie Frais)

  2. Jane Mitchell says:

    My son celebrated his 9th birthday here with friends. It was well organised and the boys had a blast. They had 2 short sessions with the lasers and next time I would take the option with 3 sessions.

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