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Laude Fontenebro School, Madrid

Laude Fontenebro offers a unique educational programme in the northwestern zone of the province of Madrid, with strong international and multilingual emphasis, for children aged 1 to 18. The Spanish Curriculum and the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) are taught following a bilingual system in which over half of the timetable is taught in English. Students study in a friendly environment, where values and emotional education, skills development, sport, music, and of course new technologies, are of utmost importance. Subjects such as robotics, ICT, drama and public speaking are included in the timetable starting in pre-school. The teaching staff is highly qualified and aims to help students be independent and equipped to prosper in the world. Students go on to study in the best universities in Spain and in the world. Laude Fontenebro School in Moralzarzal belongs to the chain of Laude Schools, established as the biggest group of international private schools in Spain, which offers an education of the highest quality, backed up by objective results, with over 5,500 students in all of Spain.

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C/ Colonia del Redondillo, 8 (28411) Moralzarzal (Madrid) / (+34) 91 857 89 42 / /

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