Laura Ceppelli – Yoga & Pilates Teacher

October 16, 2019 | Barcelona & Sant Cugat, Catalonia, Spain, Women Catalonia, Women in Business

Laura is an International Pilates, Barre & Kundalini Yoga teacher and owner of Laura Ceppelli Yoga and Pilates studio. Laura began teaching Pilates over 12 years ago motivated by her passion to share the incredible, intelligent exercise that brought strength, focus and
confidence to her body and mind whilst struggling with an eating disorder. Kundalini Yoga then took her on a soul adventure where she finally found peace. Through her work Laura has been helping women get connected back into their bodies so they can show up fully in their lives, strong, healthy, stress and anxiety free and still have time, energy and freedom to do all they need to do. Since looking after our bodies, minds and souls has never been so essential for navigating modern life, for our creativity and fulfilment at home and at work, and for raising the vibration of our homes and communities, Laura’s mission is to make a personal practice that is fun, challenging and super beneficial so every woman can experience her limitless life, and have a body that can keep up with it.

Listen to an interview with Laura and MumAbroad co-founder Carrie Frais.

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