Le Petit Paradis de Vendargues

October 14, 2018 | Activities, Family Services, France, Montpellier

Petit Paradis is situated approx 20 minutes to the north of Montpellier. The family run park, created in 1998 now hosts over 150 animals of 30 different species. There are also playgrounds and adventure courses, pony rides for children over 2 years old and boat rides on an artificial lake. Different party options are available to celebrate children’s birthdays.

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Wendy Johnson

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Route de Sommières, 34740 Vendargues / +33 467919933 / hello@petitparadis.comwww.petitparadis.com

1 response to “Le Petit Paradis de Vendargues”

  1. MumAbroad says:

    Great for even the littliest kids: Paddle boats on the lake, 3 or 4 bouncy castles (included in the entrance fee) and countless animals to feed yourself (take some 20c coins with you for the grain) including dwarf goats that you can walk amongst. Rabbits and guinea pigs freely roaming. Cute pigs & pony rides. Play hide and seek in the tree houses. Take a picnic or eat at the restaurant next door. Easy parking. (Wendy Johnson)

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