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March 1, 2021 | Educational Specialists Spain
Innovative learning in Barcelona


Learnlife is not just a school – it is a community of learning that prepares and empowers children to thrive in the world of the future. Learnlife’s personal learning programmes, based on years of research and best practices of top educators from around the globe, guide learners through an individual journey of exploring their passions, skills, and needs. The programmes take place at two innovative LearnHubs – an Urban Hub for Secondary Programmes in the heart of Barcelona and a beachfront Eco Hub for Primary Programmes in Castelldefels. These are the first LearnHubs in a worldwide network of learning centres accelerating change in existing education models through personal, purpose-based learning for children aged 6-18.



Learnlife offers full-time Primary and Secondary Programmes for children aged 6 to 18. Additional integrated modules to support learners with ADHD/dyslexia are available for Secondary Programmes.

Alongside full-time programmes, Learnlife offers online and hybrid learning, Afternoon Programmes and Summer Camps. All programmes are available in English. 

The main programmes are as follows:

  • Secondary Programmes: Personal studio-based learning for ages 11-18 that inspires creativity, experimentation and lifelong learning. Delivered at Learnlife’s state-of-the-art Urban Hub in Barcelona.


  • Primary Programmes: Personal nature-based learning for ages 6-11 that inspires learning through adventure and empowers children to develop essential skills. Delivered in the heart of nature at Learnlife’s beachfront EcoHub in Castelldefels.


  • Online and hybrid learning: Join a community of learners aged 11 to 18 from anywhere in the world and learn from home. Learners get assigned a personal Learning Guide and develop a learning programme covering all study areas.


  • Afternoon Programmes: Flexible after-school activities that encourage children to explore their passions, learn new skills and meet new people. Activities are available for children, families and adults and take place at Learnlife’s LearnHubs in Barcelona and Castelldefels.



Urban Hub (Barcelona): Carrer d’Enric Granados 7, 08007, Barcelona – Located in the central Eixample district of Barcelona, a 15-minute walk from the city centre.

Eco Hub (Castelldefels): Passeig Marítim, 139, 08860, Castelldefels – Located on the beachfront in Castelldefels with easy access to public transport.



Annual tuition fees for full-time programmes are €9,000. There’s also an enrolment fee of €900.

You can pay upfront or by monthly direct debit. There is a 5% discount on the annual tuition fee if you pay upfront.

The price of Afternoon Programmes and Summer Camps varies per programme. You can find further information on the Learnlife website.

Virtual Information Sessions


LearnLife regularly holds Virtual Information Sessions for parents to learn more about them and their programmes.

You can view and register for upcoming events here

What we like about them

  Pioneer space for lifelong learning.
  Part of a worldwide network of learning hubs.
  Create ideal personal purpose-filled learning experiences for individuals.
  Innovative learning community offering an alternative to traditional education.
  Saturday Clubs are a fun way to learn skills, develop talents and build confidence.

In their own words

Many in education would agree that the system needs a shake-up. By 2030, it is predicted that 800m people could be displaced by automation, and 65% of today’s youth will need to find or create work in areas that do not yet exist. We believe that collaborative learning communities will become the problem-solving champions in a world where agility, creativity and social innovation will be needed in order to solve future challenges.” Christopher Pommerening, Founder


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