Lena Perepelova – Financial Educator

September 29, 2022 |
Lena Perepelova - Financial Educator

Financial education for women & children

Lena Perepelova, financial educator for women and children is on a mission to make finance accessible and popular. Founder of Women Investors Club and FunFinance Virtual Business School for Kids, she believes that understanding finance, business and economics by the general public would diminish inequality and improve social equilibrium. Investing is not easy, it is even more difficult if you live abroad. Lena’s practical courses help women build their financial confidence, get essential knowledge and feel comfortable making their own investment decisions. Mother of 2 girls, Lena recommends business and financial education from a young age, especially for girls.

FunFinance Virtual Business School for Kids helps kids and teens get a head start in understanding finance and business. The ideal learning age is around 10 years old. FunFinance educational programs are available for ages 8-14 as live classes on zoom. FunFinance programs are highly individualized and are designed to fit each child’s interests and level of understanding.


Women Investors Club is a place to transform your overall attitude towards money.  Lena’s educational programs are an exciting mix of financial knowledge, practical tools and useful tips. The courses are available in different formats, but all of them transmit Lena’s energy and come with a guarantee to raise your motivation and accelerate you into action. You can work with Lena one-on-one, purchase a self-study course or join a group program with other professional women. Being part of Lena’s community on Facebook or LinkedIn is the best way to learn about her. Additionally, Lena often offers free webinars and events, which always allow for a live conversation.

What we like about them

  Lena teaches essential financial knowledge based on her own experience
  Lena has created a safe, friendly space for women to talk about their finances
  A serious subject made fun for kids of all ages

In their own words

Every woman can grow her financial confidence by exercising discipline,  building knowledge and following a strategy.” Lena



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