Les 400 Coups, Cinémathèque Française

February 6, 2018 | Activities, Family Services, France, Paris

Les 400 Coups is located at the Cinémathèque Française. There is a different menu every day and with the chef being Japanese the food is often a French/Japanese fusion. The restaurant includes an indoor play area adjoining the main restaurant and the space offers a variety of activities and games for children up to 8 years old on the weekends. Also available  is a child-sized dining area complete with smaller-scale chairs, tables and high chairs; meals are scaled-down versions of adult versions. There are also supervised workshops for kids focused on the topics of cooking, ecology and film. They also organise children’s birthday parties.

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Sarah Jane Lindsay

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51 Rue de Bercy, 75012 Paris / +33 (0)1 43 44 18 72 / restocinematheque@les400coups.eu / www.les400coupsalacinematheque.fr

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  1. MumAbroad says:

    THE kid friendly restaurant in Paris – it is a unique place for children offering cultural activities, and the food is fantastic. (Sarah Jane Lindsay)

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