Lilit Mujer Doula

July 14, 2022 | Barcelona & Sant Cugat, Maternity Services, Spain


Lilet Mujer Doula

Lilit Mujer was founded by Claudia García Díaz, a bilingual doula working in Barcelona metropolitan area. She has the skills to support you through the different stages of the birthing process sharing information about accessing pregnancy care in the city, accompanying you to appointments and providing you with the latest research so that you can make informed decisions about your body. She will be a source of constant emotional support. Claudia’s nursing experience, Doula training and the experience of her own pregnancies, give her a unique insight into the demands that expecting families face. Moreover, having moved to Barcelona from the United States well into the second trimester of her first pregnancy, she also understands the challenges that new moms living abroad face.

Evidence shows that continuous support during childbirth improves physical and psychological outcomes for both mother and baby (Cochrane Systematic Review, 2017). However, due to systemic issues such as patient and staffing ratios, continuous support in hospital based care is not a reality. This is where a Doula can make the difference.

Doulas provide constant physical and emotional support throughout pregnancy, labor and the postpartum period. Doula support has been shown to: reduce the incidence of c-sections, reduce epidural and analgesic requests, increase breastfeeding initiation and continuation, increase mother’s satisfaction with the birth experience, as well as increase new parent’s confidence in the care of their newborn.

Since reconnecting with the Doula path in Barcelona, Claudia continued her training, participating in Dr. Michel Odent’s and Liliana Lammers’ Paramana Course as well as becoming an active member of the Asociación Española Red Circular de Doulas and the European Doula Network.

If you’re expecting and are interested in hiring Doula support you can contact Claudia for a free meet & greet session (preferably in person but can also be online). She offers several packages that can be personalised to fit your individual needs.

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