Linden Global Learning & Support

Dr. Christina Limbird & Chineme Ugbor

Linden Global Learning and Support provide educational and therapeutic support to international students and schools anywhere in the world. Founders Dr. Christina Limbird and Chineme Ugbor work with a multidisciplinary team composed of diverse, highly skilled professionals trained in social, emotional, and academic well being. The team offers online and on-site support services for international students and everyone involved in their social, emotional, and academic development.

From Berlin, the heart of Europe, to international schools and students around the globe, Linden GlobalĀ  Learning & Support offer tailored, comprehensive support to ensure the academic success and emotional well-being of all learners. Dr. Christina Limbird has over 15 years of experience in educational psychology and Chineme Ugbor is a passionate educator and coach with extensive experience living and working in Europe, the US, and Africa. Together they have created an extensive team of school psychologists, learning support specialists, child and adolescent counsellors, behaviour specialists, IB/IGCSE tutors, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and autism spectrum specialists.


Their methods are based on state of the art research, best practice models, and their years of experience with international families and schools. Their IB and IGCSE tutors guide students through time management and revision exercises to help them thrive and achieve exam success. They use state of the art assessment tools to evaluate behaviour as well as cognitive, achievement, visual motor, and language ability, in order to acquire a complete picture of your child’s unique learning profile and after the evaluation, will work with the school to implement learning strategies specially designed for your child.


Compassionate counsellors can help children deal with the challenges of life, struggles with relocation and changing schools, with a solutions-oriented approach to child development. Individualised sessions take place within a comfortable environment where children can feel safe and begin to overcome their anxieties as they journey toward success. Their learning and behaviour specialists help students identify their strengths and build confidence in their abilities. Speech therapists help multilingual children with all types of language and communication impairments including: articulation difficulties, receptive and expressive challenges, and myofunctional disorders.


You can read the full transcript of our interview with Dr Christina Limbird here.

What we like about them

  Coaching plans tailored to each student and their individual needs and goals.
  They encourage children to enjoy even the most challenging subjects, and thrive at school.
  Girls Empowerment Camp helping 9-12 year olds expand their self awareness and personal power while making new like-minded friends.

In their own words

We believe that every child deserves an advocate who sees the great in them and has the skills to bring it out.” Dr. Christina Limbird & Chineme Ugbor



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