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January 28, 2021 | France, Paris, Paris education, Schools Paris

Tucked away in a beautiful village, in Yvelines, west of Paris, surrounded by the calm of nature, Lindenwood International School offers a unique learning environment that awakens within the child their spirit for life and their natural love for learning. Lindenwood is an inclusive and culturally diverse school that welcomes all children from 3 years old to 12 years old. It provides high educational standards by following the renowned IPC, Cambridge curriculums and also the French National curriculum. All core academics follow the English National Curriculum and the French National Curriculum, preparing students for success in an International, British, or French high school.


The Lindenwood International School supports and nurtures children as they grow to reach their full potential, by providing a child-centred and developmentally appropriate curriculum while also safeguarding the innocence and insatiable curiosity that comes only with childhood. The balanced curriculum offers each child the opportunity to strengthen their physical, emotional, social and intellectual abilities. Teaching the whole-child means, the school goes beyond just great academics and places equal emphasis on learning in and about nature, taking part in sports, becoming more mindful, celebrating creativity and the arts and acquiring real-life skills, like working in a permaculture garden. This will help children become resourceful, mindful and confident individuals (perhaps polymaths) that are able to successfully take part in their world tomorrow.


School fees start at 23,800 to 26,900 euros annually. To see additional fees and a breakdown of tuition fees per year, click here.


There a four stages to the admissions process, which begins by filling out an enquiry form that can be found online.


Read an interview with Eliza Sweeney, Head of Programmes at the school

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Contact Details:

3 route de Mantes, 78124, Mareil-sur-Mauldre
+33 (0)613 477 789

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