Little England Bilingual School, Brescia

July 31, 2020 | Italy, Milan, Milan education, Schools Milan

Little England Bilingual School offers an integrated English-Italian education for children aged 9 months to 10 years.


Established in 2009, Little England Bilingual School in Brescia offers a fully integrated and consolidated Anglo-Italian education for children aged 9 months to 10 years old. In a ‘play and learn’ environment the Little England Nursery allows each child to develop their creativity and imagination in both English and Italian through discovery, song, movement and many other activities.

The School follows the english curriculum in the Preschool and a mix between the Italian and English curriculums in Primary.

The school is surrounded by multipurpose open spaces including a walled courtyard garden for the sole use of nursery and preschool pupils which is used as much as possible, weather permitting, to offer an alternative learning environment.

Little England is also a Kindermusik centre offering music and movement courses.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Little England moved its admissions process online. Contact can be made with the head of admissions by following links on the school’s Admissions page.

The school warns that availability is limited.


Little England is located in the city of Brescia, which is a 1 hour 30 minute drive westwards from Milan. Brescia is a city in the northern Italian region of Lombardy, of which Milan is the capital.

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Contact Details:

Viale Caduti del lavoro, 19, 25127 Brescia /  +39 030 2511684 / /


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