Little Frogs Bilingual Daycare

December 7, 2021 | Education Listings, France, Paris education, Schools Paris

Little Frogs Bilingual Daycare

Little Frogs Bilingual Daycare was created in 2011 by Johan and Gaëtan, two best friends with bilingual backgrounds (childhood, education, career, family). From their own experience they believe that the younger children are exposed to two languages the easier their bilingual journey will be. They struggled to find bilingual daycare in France offering babies just a few months old exposure to a second language so they decided to create their own. Their first daycare was opened in Saint-Cloud (bilingual French/English) with a mix of international families. Since 2011 to 2020 eight more Little Frogs Bilingual Daycare centres have opened in and around Paris. They favour early exposure to a bilingual environment as a way to lay the foundations for perfect bilingualism. 

Little Frogs’ educational project is based on 3 pedagogies: 

o Reggio Emilia: the child is a protagonist, the environment is a tool 

o Emmi Pikler (Loczy): verbalisation, free and self-reliant activities 

o Maria Montessori: excitement and self-fulfilment of the different sensibilities of the child by  respecting his/her own rhythm 

France has a shortage of infant/toddler daycare and although the larger French cities are expanding  their offer there are still not enough places for everyone. A bilingual education is popular amongst parents but bilingual daycares are often nothing more than a French daycare with a little English added.

Little Frogs is setting a quality standard for bilingual daycares. Everyday, both languages are used in their daycares and all of the team members are bilingual French/English. 

In 2021, they decided to change their business model and help others to open daycare facilities.  Their strong brand is now used to create new daycare centres for an ever growing clientele. Little Frogs is now available as a franchise. While continuing to uphold the quality bilingual education offered in Little Frogs daycares from the beginning, Johan and Gaëtan also work with individuals and companies to enter the daycare market.

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Very Good Crèches SAS
10 rue de Penthièvre 75008 Paris

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