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December 21, 2022 | Blog, Work Life

After a successful run setting up 9 Little Frogs Bilingual Daycares in Paris, France, the team are now offering opportunities for new franchisees to start their own bilingual daycares. You don’t need daycare or educational experience to start up a Little Frogs daycare. Nor do you need to speak French. Best friends Johan and Gaëtan had multicultural upbringings, but after both becoming disillusioned with work in the banking sector they decided to try something more fulfilling. 

Run a bilingual daycare in France

You’ve been operating for 7 years now, how is the business going?

We founded Little Frogs in 2011, it has been almost 12 years now. Two years ago, we made a huge change. After creating and managing 8 daycares in the Paris area, we entrusted them to another company. Since 2021, Little Frogs is focusing on the franchise activity: we help people to open daycares in France and get the occasion to extend our brand outside Paris.

What has been the biggest challenge for you during this time, and what have you learnt from it?

During the first 10 years, we had to create everything from scratch. We had interest but no experience in the early childhood field. At the beginning, money was a challenge. We had to do a lot with so little and also put our personal lives and projects aside. Then, we had to grow and structure our company. All this time, it was only the two of us for finance, HR, sales, management, legal, and basically any issues that could happen in our daycares. And issues always happen!

Since 2021, we have to learn a new job. For our franchisees, we are partners, teachers, advisers, etc. We focus on their success.

What motivates you going forward?

The franchise business is quite interesting and new in this sector. We are glad to expand our brand in France. To be honest, working together is fun and we love our freedom.

Can you sum up the philosophy of Little Frogs?

Nowadays, marketing is so intense that words don’t mean much. I’ll try. Bilingualism. We lived it as kids, we are living it in our adult families. It opened our minds to more than
Paris. We counted almost 40 different nationalities in our daycares (staff and families). Each one was special and brought a piece of their culture. This mix was amazing.

Why did you decide to franchise Little Frogs instead of keeping a growing business yourselves?

8 daycares and almost 40 employees, that was intense and non-stop work for the two of us. After 10 years, we would have had to change our HQ to a structured team. We didn’t want to end being a classic company. We did our best/max. That was great and the management transition has been a success for us. Franchising Little Frogs was a great opportunity to follow with our brand.

Overall how would you say the franchisees have managed their new businesses?

Franchise is new for Little Frogs. We started a year ago. Three franchisees joined the Little Frogs adventure and we are now helping them to open their daycare. They are highly motivated and want to move fast.

What tends to be the greatest challenge for a new franchisee?

There are two keys to success to open a daycare in France. First, find a good location and compete with several companies. Indeed, locations for daycares are rare and you must convince the lessor to trust you as a new created company. Second, understand all the public administrations in stake and their roles (PMI / CAF / CG / City Hall / HACCP). We are here to help and guide the franchisee through this process.

And the greatest reward?

Finding people that share our mindset and our values, and will help Little Frogs to shine all over France.

What is the background of the franchisees? Do they have to have worked in childcare previously?

There is no rule. Most of our applicants don’t have a childcare background. Many have a regular job and are seeking for an adventure. Some are already entrepreneurs and want a change of field.

What do you offer to franchisees when they start their business and also ongoing?

For many franchisors, after signing a contract and a quick training, franchisees are often left on their own until they find a location. We know that this is the hardest part when franchisees need tons of help. They have to create their company, open a bank account, choose service providers, start looking for a location, start meeting administrations, raise money, etc. We help them step by step, with constant availability for questions and meetings. Basically, we make sure they don’t make the same mistakes that we made.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Our freedom. We work on something we love, help people to become business owners and without the constraints of a classic company. We manage our time and keep our personal/professional balance.

What plans do you have going forward?

We can’t wait for the next step. The opening of our franchisee’s daycares!

And finally, if someone is interested in finding out more about becoming a franchisee for Little Frogs, what is the next step?

Contact us through our website: They can also come and meet us at the next franchise convention (Franchise Expo) in Paris in March 2023.

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