Lucia Miño – Chef & Landscape Gardener

August 1, 2022 |
Chef & Landscape Gardener Lucia Miño

Tu Chef en Casa

Originally from Argentina, Lucia describes herself as de alma del mundo (a soul of the world). Lucia has lived and worked in Brazil, America, Mexico and Spain. She is now based just north of Barcelona on the Maresme Coast.  She is a trained landscape gardener and an experienced chef having spent many years working in the field of catering. Her love of cooking originated from childhood and she is always keen to entertain family and friends at home.

Since arriving in Barcelona, Lucia has worked as a Landscape Architect, restored and run a restaurant, and has been a part time student at Hoffman hospitality school. She now offers her services as a landscape gardener and chef for parties, events, dinners and celebrations at home as well as offering cooking classes and workshops.


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What we like about them

  Extremely creative with the presentation of her dishes & drinks
  Super friendly and easy to work with
  Continually comes up with good suggestions
  Helps sort out gardens so plants and flowers thrive in the right place

In their own words

I like to think of myself as a soul of the world and I’m happy working in a variety of situations.” Lucia


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