L’Union des Jouteurs et Sauveteurs de la Mulatière

October 5, 2018 | Activities, France, Lyon

L’Union des Jouteurs et Sauveteurs de la Mulatière is the home of nautical jousting and rescue boat services in Lyon. Water jousting is a sport practised primarily in France, Switzerland and Germany, in which participants “joust” with lances and shields, standing on a platform on the prow of a boat. The objective of the game is to knock one’s opponent into the water! Here, children from 10 years old are introduced to the sport as well as learning the ropes of the rescue boat service.

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Julia Collins

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1 place Général Leclerc, 69350, La Mulatière / +33 6 82 33 10 87 / www.ujsm-joutes.fr

1 response to “L’Union des Jouteurs et Sauveteurs de la Mulatière”

  1. Julia Collins says:

    A really fun way for older kids to discover something a bit different that is unique in the region. Water jousting is very popular throughout some parts of southern France and parts of Germany and Switzerland. Quirky and good fun for participants and spectators alike.

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