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July 26, 2022 |

Licensed Child Care Professional

Big hearted, always a step ahead, a continuous learner and a person all the world loves to talk to, Lyn is a co-founder of BCN Ideal Services. As a licensed childcare professional with over ten years experience catering to international clients, Lyn founded the company which offers services such as providing a nannies, housekeepers, in house chefs, beauty specialists and massage therapists. Specifications for staff offered are carefully tailored to meet the desires and privacy needs of their international clients. Originally from the Philippines, Lyn employs a large number of personnel from her home country, all of whom have professional qualifications and speak English.

BCN Ideal Services is an online staffing agency for premium home-care services in and around Barcelona. Based on years of experience and their recruitment methodology, they match international and national families with mainly Filipino high-end nannies, fostering long-term relationships based on service quality and mutual trust. Lyn has always had the intention to help her Filipino community socially by providing fair and just employment. Manuel Silva Manzanero, her long time lawyer, confidant and advisor jointly partnered this initiative to initiate the BCN Ideal Services aiming to provide the package deal of the hiring process, documentations and administrative services. They make a great team.

What we like about them

  Plenty of experience
  House, child, and elder care + legal services
  Supporting her community

In their own words

Filipinos have for a long time, received a very positive feedback for being patient, caring, honest, friendly and hardworking. Our service do not stop just in matching candidates, but we provide the whole service and support, before, during and after the hiring process which will result in making it much easier for you and your candidate. Contact us now for more details!” Lyn

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