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Lyra Turnbull

Lyra Turnbull Therapy & Coaching Services is based in Frankfurt. Lyra is a therapist and coach offering face-to-face appointments in Frankfurt and online. Lyra runs a private practice offering communication and life coaching, counselling, and psychotherapy services for the English speaking community abroad. She uses a multi-disciplinary approach and specialises in helping clients of all backgrounds achieve positive, lasting changes that improve the quality of their lives. Together with her clients, they search for constructive ways to deal with a range of issues for example: depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties as well as issues around menopause and andropause and life changes in general.

Amongst Lyra’s varied services you will find Burnout therapy, based on the 3 R approach: Recognise – Reverse – Resilience. That means recognising what is not working in your life; finding ways to make lasting positive changes and building your resilience by activating and strengthening the resources at your disposal. Lyra is also an advocae of Mindfulness and Sound Therapy, a scientifically proven method of easing physical and psychological pain or discomfort, used for boosting the self-healing process.

It’s often not things themselves that cause us suffering, but the meaning we give them. Therapy or counselling can help you find new ways of interpreting and navigating the world that can lead to a more fulfilling and rewarding life. Whether you are struggling to settle, worried about moving on, or dealing with life in between, I provide a professional, non-judgemental space where you can unload, step back, and find a path forward.” Lyra

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Contact Details:

Glauburgstrasse 67a, 60318 Frankfurt am Main
0049 (0)160 9834 3472

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