January 27, 2021 | Madrid, Maternity Services, Spain

Madison is an American doula based in Madrid whose passion is supporting pregnant, birthing, and postpartum women. Madoula offers labor, birth, and postpartum preparation sessions during which you’ll have one-to-one care as you learn about birth, comfort techniques for labor, decision-making tools, interventions in birth, and determine your own preferences. Madison also offers New to Madrid consultations for new parents who’ve just moved and are scrambling to understand the Spanish system along with birth support (in person or virtual) and postpartum doula care. Whatever kind of birth you’d like to achieve, Madison provides information, resources and support of your family’s unique decisions. Madison has lived in Madrid for more than 10 years and three of her four children were born here. She lived in Germany for two years which is where her second child was born. Personal experience taught her what having a baby abroad can be like and she is professionally equipped to support others through the transition into parenthood – whether it’s the first, second, or sixth baby!

My own birth experiences in countries far from home, my relationships with other international moms along the way, and my passion for all things birth and baby, led me to become a doula. I believe every woman deserves a person in her life who will actively listen and offer unwavering support.

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