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January 29, 2022 |
Marine Vanhagendoren

Marine Vanhagendoren

Madrid Expat Services is the newly opened branch of the well established relocation agency Valencia Expat Services. Mother of four, Marine Vanhagendoren is the go-to person for anyone who wants to discover the Spanish capital and reside there. Marine is trilingual (French, English and Spanish), and will do everything in her power to make sure your relocation to the Spanish capital is as smooth and peaceful as possible.

Before tailoring a relocation plan to your specific needs, Madrid Expat Services offer the following:

Discover Pass – 2 nights / 3 days guided city tour and surrounds enabling you to clearly define your priorities.

Installation Pass – identifying your needs before you arrive, starting your relocation remotely.

Pro Pass –  a preliminary study to set up, transfer or develop your business in Madrid.


Marine knows the challenges of settling abroad and will take away the stress of the various administrative procedures thanks to her experience as a foreign mother living in Madrid and her wide network of contacts in the city.

What we like about them

  As a foreigner with a family living in Madrid Maine has first hand experience of the relocation process.
  Marine has first hand knowledge of the real estate market having worked in the market in Madrid for several years.
  Packages tailored to your individual / family needs.

In their own words

Madrid is an exciting city to live in. Although it’s a large city, it’s also full of parks and green areas, letting you forget that you live in the Spanish capital. Whether you live in the centre of the city or in many of the smaller barrios of the Communidad de Madrid, you’ll always find good schools, good food and friendly locals always happy to welcome you. Madrid is a cultural melting pot and overall is a family-friendly city, well served by public transporand offering a wide variety of schools. It’s a perfect city for expatriates.” Marine Vanhagendoren

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