Maishamani progetto maternità

January 20, 2018 | Baby & Toddler, Italy, Maternity Services, Tuscany & Umbria

The name Maishamani comes from the union of two words that in Swahili mean Life (Maisha) and Peace (Amani). Maishamani is a space dedicated to mothers and families to celebrate life, give information and accompany women throughout pregnancy and beyond. They promote a conscious parenting experience during pregnancy, childbirth and care of your child. The Centro Arte Ostetrica Maishamani is principally run by midwife Giulia Gualdani. They offer prenatal classes, baby and child massage courses, movement classes for pregnant women and prenatal and post part consultations. Giulia specialises in rehabilitation of the pelvic floor.

Contact Details: /
UMBRIA – Maishamani Progetto Maternità: +39 3405602545
TOSCANA – Centro Arte Ostetrica Maishamani, Arezzo: +39 3311266603

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