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Maria Earle – Pilates Teacher

Maria is one of the foremost classically trained Pilates practitioners in Europe. Following her heart and lure of the Mediterranean lifestyle, she relocated to Barcelona after having a successful Pilates business in New York City for over a decade. With 23 years of international teaching experience she has taught the Pilates Method to a wide range of individuals looking to improve their health, well-being, and performance. Maria’s clients use Pilates to find structural alignment, calm their mind, improve body awareness, and prevent injury. Maria uses her knowledge of body mechanics and functional training methods to create customized programs for specific needs and abilities. She is known for her commitment to empowering her students on their wellness journey with passion, humor and tough love. The Pilates method is a practice integrating movement, breath, and awareness to develop a stronger, more flexible, and more balanced body. The Pilates method is a safe and effective practice for all bodies—whether you’re training for a marathon, returning to exercise after physical therapy, meeting the demands of pregnancy and early parenting, or just simply looking to improve overall health and wellness. This incredibly effective system of conditioning will get you in the best shape of your life, increase  your energy levels and boost your confidence.  If you are looking to incorporate smart cross-training into your sports workout or searching for a strength-building sanctuary in the midst of a busy family or work day, Maria provides both online and in-studio training sessions in Sant Cugat.

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  • Salome
    Posted at 00:06h, 22 May Reply

    Maria makes working out fun, and creative. She also can push your limitations into strength and flexibility without making it too much. I am a tall gangly 30 year old with weak knees and back. Class with Maria has helped my pain reduce and I have beautiful muscles now.
    My boyfriend showed up to class as an injured inflexible basketball playing businessman.. He loves it, too.
    Maria takes decades of experience and makes it empowering for everyone in the class of different levels ages with different needs.
    My Pilates teachers from a different country squealed with jealousy when I mentioned her name. I feel so lucky that she is my teacher.

  • Marína Szimonisz
    Posted at 10:32h, 22 May Reply

    I met Maria at post partum pilates classes. She got me back on track with my fitness routine. I knew about pilates before, but tried it for the first time with her. Best exoerience ever. I fell in love wirh pilates and enjoy her online classes and cannot wait to be back in the studio 💕

  • Jenny
    Posted at 10:59h, 22 May Reply

    I love pilates with Maria!
    Her classes are fun, thorough and motivating. And you learn a lot about your body at the same time. Maria‘s totally committed and passionate about pilates and all her students. Which makes working out with her really enjoyable, despite the pain you feel when she challenges you 😉 .
    What I love is that she‘s extremely considerate about everyone‘s different fitness levels. She has a talent of explaining exercises in such a way that everyone can adjust easily and follow. And she modifies them for those that may have problems.
    I joined last year when I was pregnant and am now attending her regular classes again. For the moment online, and hopefully soon back in the studio.

  • Teresa Garcia-Mila
    Posted at 11:16h, 25 May Reply

    Maria Earle is an amazing Pilates instructor. She gives very precise descriptions of each exercise, how to do it properly, what parts of the body are involved, and how to enhance the engagement of each part of the body that can benefit from each exercise. She describes the impact of each exercise in different parts of the body in such a clear and visual way, that it makes you do it and do it better. She adapts for special needs and explains well how specific exercises will respond to that special need or injury. She also gives space and encourages those that want to be more challenged. She flows from one exercise to the next, linking them all nicely in a way that you feel you can do more. She is full of energy and transmits that to others in her class. I have only met Maria through her online classes, that she organized when the Covid19 confinement started. Such a great and energizing idea!! Having experienced her online classes, I can just imagine that her face to face classes must be incredible!!

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