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February 19, 2018 | Catalonia, Schools Catalonia

The Mary Ward School of Barcelona, also familiarly known as the “German nuns”, belongs to a group of Christian Schools in Catalonia, and teaches pupils aged 3 – 18. The school is named after the English nun Mary Ward (1585 – 1645) who established the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary that has gone on to establish over 100 schools around the world.

It is a small school with one class per age group.

Classes are taught to students from the age of one (P1) to 16 years old (4th ESO) following the Spanish system, with at least 3 hours of English each week. The school’s first foreign language is German, which starts in P1. English is introduced in the 5th grade. Secondary students (ESO) can choose German or English as their first foreign language.

New students are offered free German language lessons if they do not speak German.

As of 2019, students can continue their secondary studies to gain a dual diploma, which includes the Spanish national Bachillerato, and an American High School Diploma, for which tuition is 100% in English. More information on the Baxtilerrat Dual can be found online, but the website is in German, Castellano Spanish and Catalan only.


The Mary Ward School of Barcelona is in the Sant Gervasi district of Barcelona, a 20 minute drive from the city centre.

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Contact Details:

C/Copèrnic, 55-59, 08006 Barcelona / +34 93 201 85 55 /

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