Maternity Coach Alicia Ruis

Post Partum Mental Health Coach

Maternity Coach Alicia Rius is a postpartum mental health coach. Alicia is helping birthing parents overcome anxiety, stress, and other postpartum mood disorders with psychotherapy-based models. Having birthed her children abroad, Alicia understands firsthand the challenges of becoming a mother away from home and family. For the past 13 years, she’s lived in London, Amsterdam, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Her experience raising children in another country while managing her career brings a unique perspective on addressing women’s mental health before and after childbirth.

A US-certified mental health coach, Alicia’s mission since 2016 has been to eradicate perinatal suffering by coaching women after giving birth for a healthier and happier transition into motherhood. In her practice, she integrates different models to support her clients’ journeys, like Internal Family Systems, Life and Career Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Mindfulness.


Work with Alicia if you suffer from: anxiety, stress, OCD, intrusive thoughts, postpartum PTSD, shame, guilt, low self-confidence, low self-esteem, and negative self-talk.


The Powerful Mother is inclusive and will serve anyone regardless of gender, race, or religion. The coaching services are available to ciswomen, cismen, trans men, trans women, and non-binary parents and partners.


If you are a surrogate mother or an adoptive parent going through mood and anxiety disorders, my postpartum coaching services can help you too.


“As someone who has struggled with anxiety for many years, I came to Alicia wanting to find ways to build self-confidence and prioritize other areas in my life. From the first session, Alicia showed compassion, understanding, and a positive outlook. She is incredibly talented and very supportive in every step of the process. Alicia is a natural and it’s very easy to open up to her. Her values-centered guidance has challenged me to think beyond “building self-confidence” and focus more on my positive qualities/values that would help me understand myself more and lead me to a more fulfilling life. I find all the exercises very deep and super helpful; the prompts are very self-reflective and honestly have given me the courage and motivation to value myself more than ever (which is what I needed!). Thank you, Alicia!” –Brenda B

What we like about them

  Alicia comes to postpartum coaching having experienced postnatal anxiety herself
  Alicia has a specialisation in perinatal loss
  Compassionate and thoughtful, Alicia creates a safe environment to share your worries

In their own words

My journey into motherhood wasn’t what I expected. I felt lonely and anxious and experienced so many draining emotions that made me feel guilty and ashamed for not living a blissful life with my newborn. Becoming a mother is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and all mothers deserve to experience motherhood without the burden of anxiety.” Alicia


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