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June 27, 2022 |
Wellbeing & Transformational Coach Mel Stahl

Transformational Coach

Wellbeing & Transformational Coach Mel Stahl focuses on a holistic wellbeing approach encompassing mind, body and spirit while using positive psychology and cognitive behavioural coaching techniques. She believes if you know your values and strengths and are willing to dig deep inside of you that she can help you towards finding a fulfilling expat life.  She provides a warm and empathetic space with lots of humour and using her intuitive spirit will empower you to find the answers deep within yourself helping you take important steps towards change and becoming that better version of yourself you wish to be. Her coaching diploma is accredited with the ICF, AC and EMCC.

“Unlock the Gift of You” is Mel’s motto.  She says, “Life gets messy every now and then and during these moments we can forget how truly amazing we are”.  Mel feels that life is a gift and we all have hidden gifts which need a light shined upon them.  She believes coaching is a powerful way for you to recognise your gifts, embrace change, empower yourself to move towards your dreams and unlock the amazing gift of you!  As an expat living in Hamburg for over 16 years she remembers feeling lonely and overwhelmed while adapting to a new way of life but with change comes new discovery about ourselves.  We find hidden strengths and resilience that can at times be surprising and with all the right tools we can start to feel confident and feel at home as an Expat.

Mel offers single coaching sessions online or 3/6 month packages and if you are based in Hamburg she offers her highlight “Walk and Talk” session around the beautiful Lake Alster in the centre of Hamburg.  She believes this is a lovely way to be coached as the beautiful scenery and fresh air provides a wonderful space to explore your inner thoughts and feelings.

Mel recognises through her coaching practice that being seen and heard in a non-judgemental space is a powerful experience that everyone should have access to. She is also a qualified Mental Health First Aider (MFHA).  Mel coaches her clients in a number of areas including procrastination, lack of motivation, feeling stuck, career change decisions and helps clients discover their values through a values workshop.

What we like about them

  45-60 minute free discovery call
  Provides a warm, fun and empathetic space to identify and explore your needs
  Empowers you to gain insights, clarity and confidence to live a happy and fulfilled life

In their own words

I LOVE witnessing my clients’s journeys!  Its such an honour to see the surprise and “aha” moments as they gain new insights and start to transform the way they think, reframe negative self-talk, overcome fear and anxiety, understand their values, take proactive steps towards the change they want and embrace their new found confidence.  It is truly an honour and privilege to work with my clients who blossom and thrive in a new country and embrace their inner gifts to live their dream life.” Mel Stahl

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