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July 8, 2020 | Baby & Toddler, Maternity Services, Spain, Valencia

Mi Primer Spa is a pioneering wellness centre dedicated to early year development and family learning through relaxation, with activities promoting a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing for all the family. Their Spa for Babies (from 0-12 months) is a cosy, warm and quiet space offering massage and special hydrotherapy experiences for little ones. Their series of specially created techniques translate into countless physical and emotional benefits for the baby, improving sleep and strengthening their family bonds. 

The spa also hosts pre and postpartum activities for parents, (such as prenatal pilates, preparation for childbirth, pelvic floor strengthening) and courses and workshops for parents and their little ones. They offer a great workshop for babies aged 0-12 to develop their motor skills, stimulate their senses and improve spatial awareness and perception, and another popular series of weekly classes for babies aged 12 to 24 months to develop even further. 

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49 Carrer de la Vall de la Ballestera, 46035, Valencia / (+34) 960 067 403 /  hola@miprimerspa.com

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