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Antoine Beyret - Online Parental Coach

Montessori Mentoring, founded by Antoine Beyret, offers transformative online coaching for families across Europe and North America. It promotes growth and understanding among adults and children aged 7 to teenagers, in both English and French.

Antoine brings extensive experience as an educator, counsellor, and Montessori school director in Canada and Europe since 1999, demonstrating a strong commitment to family support. As an expatriate in various countries, he deeply understands the unique needs and challenges faced by families living abroad.

Antoine is equipped with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education sciences, a Specialised Educator diploma, and a Montessori teacher certification from the Association Montessori International (AMI). By incorporating Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T) into his coaching, Antoine enhances communication between children and adults and provides effective educational tools for use in the home. As a father of three, his personal and professional experiences converge, providing a blend of empathy and practicality.

Why Montessori Mentoring?

Their mission is empowering families through coaching inspired by the Montessori method, adaptable beyond traditional education to home life. They aim to equip families with the tools for nurturing environments.

Antoine’s coaching, available in French and English, tailors Montessori-inspired strategies to family needs, fostering independence, respect, and learning love, benefitting parents and children alike.

Empowering Families Together

Antoine offers a secure platform for families to express concerns and access effective educational strategies. He designs bespoke programmes reflecting each family’s dynamics and goals.

Book now for a harmonious, empowered family life with Montessori Mentoring, transforming dynamics into growth opportunities, globally.

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What we like about them

  Montessori Mentoring services are offered in English or French, depending which language suits your family best.
  Antoine's collaborative and family-focused approach supports each member of the family with highly tailored coaching, that is unique to each household dynamic.
  Antoine's extensive qualifications and rich background in education since 1999 make him well qualified to support parents, children and teenagers.

In their own words

My innovative blend of Montessori coaching and mentoring methods not only empowers families but also provides them with the essential bridge between education and practical life skills, making my services a crucial choice for those seeking to enrich their family dynamics.” – Antoine Beyret


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