About Montessori Village Sarrià–St Gervasi

Montessori Village Sarrià–St Gervasi is a bilingual (in English) Montessori Centre for children aged 0 – 6 based near the centre of Barcelona city.

They offer the following stages:

  • Nido: for babies up to 18-20 months
  • Infant Community: for children aged 18 – 36 months
  • Children’s House: for children aged 3-6 years old.

Why choose Montessori Village?


It has been shown that the first six years of a human being are fundamental in their physical, cognitive, psychological and emotional development. This is why Montessori Village gives such importance to this early developmental period.

Two of their main core values are:

  • An approach of deep love and respect for childhood.
  • A close and familiar atmosphere based on communication, personalised attention and teamwork.

Montessori is an education that promotes peace. Children, in addition to feeling the adult’s respect for their own needs, learn to value and understand those of others. This favours social awareness and an important conscientiousness around the environment.

“Families that put their trust in Montessori Village see us as a place which respects and promotes the same ideas of parenting and education as them. We take care of their children as they would themselves.”

The Montessori Village Project:


Their project is based on the Montessori pedagogy, an educational method that promotes the child’s ability to choose, self-learn, freedom and autonomy. These values are considered indispensable tools for their future in society as autonomous human beings, with self-esteem and the ability to make decisions.

In addition, Montessori centres are based on four core values:

Green Project: The environment and care of our surroundings, with a vegetable garden and recycling station.

Healthy Project:  Healthy menu and food based on fruit and vegetables, without sugars or processed foods.

Respectful Project: Positive discipline and personalised attention, because every child is different.

Solidarity Project: Montessori Village collaborates with NGOs in their local community.


The Montessori Village Sarrià is located in the Sarrià – St Gervasi district of Barcelona, a 20 minute drive from the city centre.

Families are welcome to come and meet the team. Visit their website www.montessorivillage.es to make an appointment and visit Montessori Village.

Contact Details:

C/dels Quatre Camins 83, 08022 Barcelona
+34 609 839 033

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