Mouratoglou International School

July 22, 2021 | France, Nice, Nice education, Schools Nice

Mouratoglou International School

Mouratoglou International School, located in Sophia-Antipolis on the French Riviera between Nice and Cannes, welcomes middle and high school students in search of a school that offers a personalized education programme in an environment conducive to success. The establishment consists of not only a French school, but also an International school, where courses are taught in English. The school is located in the heart of Europe’s No. 1 tennis academy, The Mouratoglou Academy, and its vision of education is based on the same principles. Teaching methods are in line with the pillars of sport and advanced performance, incorporating hard work, precision and determination.

With a mix of students from more than 45 different nationalities, the Mouratoglou International School is a place that highly values tolerance and open mindedness towards shared and worldly experiences. Students share their lives on a daily basis with peers from all corners of the world, allowing each student to experience new cultures and new challenges every single day.

The school is open to all students who have a desire to learn. The school’s mission is to support each child individually, allowing them to achieve their goals. Programmes are offered with flexible hours so that students can follow a full education while accommodating their sporting or artistic passion. This creates an optimal learning environment and offers a true life balance. Flexible schedules give students the chance to reinforce their foreign language skills, to take care of their bodies through adapted sporting activities, and to have teachers guide them in the preparation of their professional projects in France, the United States and all around the world.

Contact Details:

3550 route des Dolines, 06410 Biot
+33 83 88 14 33

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