Living in France

Why live in France?

Relocating abroad can open up incredible new opportunities, and expat families in France will confirm that the experience of living in France is unparalleled. Expats in France have access to an enviable lifestyle based on French culture, great food, amazing scenery, a climate to suit just about everyone and property to match any taste.

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Where do expats live in France?

From the nation’s cosmopolitan capital city of Paris to historic Toulouse, the gastronomic hub of Lyon or the glittering French Riviera, living in France offers the best quality of life for international families from around the world. With a growing international community across its diverse regions, moving to France would make an exciting and potentially life-changing destination for an international move.


At, we have rounded up some of the most attractive reasons for expat families moving to France when deciding on a destination for a big international move.