Family Services Lyon

Family services in Lyon

Cosmopolitan Lyon is one of the most family-friendly cities in France, with an abundance of parks and green spaces and plenty of services aux familles, amenities and services for families. We have put together a useful directory of the best services aux familles, or family services Lyon has to offer, alongside our other excellent recommendations for kids activities and relocation and home services.


Lyon childcare services

In terms of garde d’enfants, or childcare in Lyon, there are many highly recommended babysitting and nanny agencies able to match families with qualified nannies and au pairs in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. There are several local and international agencies to assist families looking for an au pair in Lyon.


France is known for having an excellent childcare system for young families seeking practical childcare solutions. There are numerous crêches, garderies) and international nurseries in Lyon, offering drop-in childcare or more regular support for parents. There are also English summer camps and holiday courses in Lyon, to suit kids with varied interests and hobbies at all different stages.


Party and event planning Lyon

Other popular services aux familles, or family services in Lyon, include great party and event venues and activities. From informal outdoor gatherings in the Parc de la Tête d’Or park to a birthday party at home  (anniversaires à domicile) or at a chosen venue, there are seemingly infinite options for every taste, age and child when kids party planning in Lyon. From party planners or organisateurs d’événements to dedicated party entertainers (called an animateur de fête pour enfants in French), there are many dedicated professionals to help you throw the perfect party in Lyon.


Family photographers

There are numerous friendly, talented children professional photographers (or photographe de famille) in Lyon, offering photography services to international families living in the city. Lyon itself makes a beautiful backdrop for unique family photo shoots (or a séance photo portraits d’enfants & familles), with its lush green parks, picturesque old streets and waterways.


Education Specialists in Lyon

There are many professionals dedicated to educational services in Lyon including speech therapists (orthophonistes) and psychologists (psychologues), many who specialise in helping multilingual children. There are also educational advisors for teenagers interested in the IB or studying abroad after finishing school.


More information

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