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Healthcare Lyon

Expat families have access to a variety of excellent healthcare in Lyon or médecine à Lyon. The French healthcare system or système de santé is considered to be one of the best in the world and is very efficient, with many English-speaking doctors and hospital staff, perfect for international families living in Lyon.


Healthcare in Lyon for Pregnant Women and Families

There are several dedicated maternity and family clinics in Lyon, ensuring a qualified paediatrician (or pédiatre) nearby, with additional healthcare services available to new mums and families across the city. One of the top private clinics in Lyon is a small friendly maternity hospital, offering a plethora of additional services to make new parents and their families comfortable and at ease.


Paediatricians and Children’s Healthcare Lyon

We have put together a useful list of the leading children’s hospitals, clinics and healthcare Lyon has to offer, curated from top tips and recommendations from local and expat families in the city. There are numerous general practitioners (known as a médecin généraliste) and family doctors based in each of the city’s main neighbourhoods, for routine checks and visits. 


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To read more information on healthcare in France, visit the guide for expat families moving to France.



Behavioural Optometrist

Behavioural Optometrist

Belinda Babumba is a Behavioural Optometrist who specialises in Paediatric Optometry and Visual Stress. She works with children and students with a range of visual and learning difficulties, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia. From her work it is evident how ...
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Private Hospital Natecia

Private Hospital Natecia

With just 78 beds, this small, friendly private maternity hospital offers a plethora of additional services to make new parents and their families comfortable and at ease. Childbirth preparation sessions are provided by the institution’s ...
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