Maternity Services Lyon

There are a plethora of fantastic maternity services in Lyon (called services de maternité), providing support for pregnant expat mums and new parents when having a baby in Lyon.


Healthcare and maternity services in Lyon

Lyon is home to various highly regarded public and private hospitals offering a wide range of pregnancy services or service de maternité, with good paediatric and obstetrics departments. Several maternity services and clinics in Lyon city centre have English-speaking doctors or access to translation services, ideal for foreign residents.


Doulas and professional maternity nurses in Lyon

Among the many services de maternités available in the city, there is a growing demand for qualified maternity nurses and doulas in Lyon, offering parents personalised pre and postnatal support at home with all aspects of adjusting to life with a tiny baby. There are also numerous alternative therapists in Lyon, working in a range of fields to support women. There is extensive support available when preparing for pregnancy (la grossesse) to birth (l’accouchement) and motherhood (la maternité) in Lyon.


More information

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