Healthcare Paris

The Paris healthcare system

The Paris healthcare system is known for being one of the best in France. Paris is home to some of the best children’s hospitals in the world, with many of the highest-ranking hospitals in France located in the nation’s capital. There are many multilingual and English-speaking doctors in Paris, with multilingual clinics in almost every neighbourhood in the city centre.


Family healthcare in Paris

There are experienced health practitioners offering family medicine and health services throughout the French capital, from gynaecologists to dedicated child psychologists. Most local pharmacies will also be able to recommend a paediatrician near you, ensuring excellent healthcare in Paris at all times.


Maternity healthcare in Paris

There are fantastic maternity services in Paris, offering a great deal of support for pregnant expat mums before having a baby in Paris. Many expat mums choose to give birth with a doula or private midwife in the French capital. 


English-speaking dentists in Paris

For families looking for an English-speaking dentist in Paris, there are several international dentists and dental hygienists with practises in the French capital.


More information

To read more information on the French healthcare system, visit the MumAbroad Ultimate Guide to Moving to France.


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