Renting in Germany

Where to Live in Germany

Most expats moving abroad ask themselves where do you live in Germany and how do you go about finding somewhere to live in Germany? Once you have settled on a location, the decision of whether to rent or buy property in Germany is also key.

When deciding where to live in Germany, most Expats find a home through an Immobilienhändler, a real estate agent or rental Agency (known as a Makler), to offer guidance and support with rental agreements and the application process. Most agencies will charge a fee of around two months’ rent for their services.


Things To Know About Renting in Germany

There are two types of rent known as cold (basic rent) and warm (which includes the cost of utilities and any additional services). The average deposit is around three months “cold” rent. When renting in Germany, almost all properties are unfurnished (a furnished apartment or house will cost significantly more), however this often means the tenant must provide everything down to light fixtures, kitchen fittings, cabinets and all appliances such as an oven, washing machine etc.


There are often second hand kitchens and furniture featured in the classifieds section of local newspapers. For those reluctant to pay high agency fees, most local newspapers also publish the latest rental listings for the local area.


Some useful websites for finding accommodation are Immobilien Scout 24 and Immowelt (both in German). A helpful site for finding rooms in shared accommodation is WG Gesucht (in English).


If you are in need of a temporary housing solution, online booking platform Homelike offers furnished apartments, with a minimum rental period of just 1 month.

At we have also put together some useful resources for moving to Germany, including a guide to German healthcare, setting up the right visas and paperwork and the German education system.