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Living in Frankfurt: Officially called Frankfurt am Main, this central city on the river Main is the fifth-largest in Germany. One of Germany’s most exciting cities, living in Frankfurt a wonderful experience for families considering moving to Germany. 


Expats in Frankfurt

As a major financial hub that’s home to the European Central Bank, there are expats in Frankfurt of all nationalities. Being such an  international city means a large portion of the population living in Frankfurt speaks English well.


International Families Living in Frankfurt

The city boasts numerous family-friendly attractions including parks, gardens and forest playgrounds, child-friendly museums, fascinating skyscrapers, and Dragon Boat Races.


Sustainable Living in Frankfurt

Frankfurt has been ranked one of the world’s most sustainable cities, with almost half of its’ metropolitan area dedicated to green spaces. The city is surrounded by a protected green belt, including an impressive city forest (the largest in Germany), nature conservation zones and vast public parks with plenty of outdoor nature activities for kids.


The directory is full of useful recommendations for living in Frankfurt, as recommended by our online community of local parents. Featuring relocation and home services, tips and recommendations for babies and toddlers in Frankfurt, activities for kids and more. If you have a recommendation of your own for expat families in Frankfurt please do get in touch via email 

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