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Home and admin services in Frankfurt

Settling into a new country means extra work on top of your day job. Sometimes you may face language barriers or administrative hurdles, or may lack the time and need an expert to take care of your concern. Our directory of home and admin services in Frankfurt at the bottom of this page include: tax specialists, relocation services, shipping companies, interior design, rental portals, housesitters, community groups, British food deliveries, car insurance, immigration support and language learning.


Moving to Frankfurt

Our home and admin services directory includes highly regarded relocation agencies in Frankfurt. With intimate knowledge of each neighbourhood, and the expertise to handle purchase  or rental contract, these help to get straight in the door of your new home. Our directory includes international shipping and haulage companies offering removals to Frankfurt. For more information on MumAbroad’s recommended relocation experts to help find a house see our Relocation Services Germany page.


Home services in Frankfurt

From interior designers to housesitters our directory lists companies and skilled professionals offering a variety of practical home services.


Tax and administration in Frankfurt

Businesses in our directory can help you file tax returns overseas, obtain residency permits, buy or rent houses, set up a business, settle into a new workplace and even find new offices and workspaces for your company.


Learning German in Frankfurt

Our recommended experts can teach you German in tailor made classes for expats. Aside from German our directory also has services that teach you, your workplace or your team about German culture.


Finding a school in Frankfurt

Whether arriving in Frankfurt for the first time, or simply needing to change schools, you might need an expert’s advice on finding a school. You can find support for finding a school in our directory below, or find out directory of Educational Specialists in Germany. For an overview of the top-rated international schools in Frankfurt see our page International Schools in Frankfurt. For general knowledge on German schools visit our page Education System in Germany.


More Information

For more in-depth information about making Frankfurt your next home, visit our MumAbroad Ultimate Guide to Moving to Germany.


If would like your business to be featured, or you have a recommendation to share with other international families living in Frankfurt please do get in touch via email info@mumabroad.com.