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Living in Hamburg 


It’s not Germany’s biggest tourist destination, but unless you’re already living in Hamburg you might not know it is the second biggest city in the country. Hamburg is in fact an economic powerhouse, home to one of the largest ports in all of Europe, which connects it to the North Sea by the Elbe River.


Moving to Hamburg as a Family

Many expats are moving to Hamburg for exciting work opportunities and the city’s family-friendly culture. The city’s central Jungfernstieg boulevard connects the Neustadt (new town) with the Altstadt (old town) and is home to landmarks such as the 18th-century St. Michael’s Church. The city is a major tourist destination for both domestic and overseas visitors, which makes for a vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere.


Living an Outdoorsy Life in Hamburg

Living in Hamburg means an immensely outdoorsy lifestyle. The city boasts a diverse year-round climate, with a distinct 4 seasons.  As a famous port city, water sports are extremely popular, with most families making the most of sunshine on the banks of the city’s beautiful lakes, enjoying picnics and swimming when the weather is hot. 


The city is crossed by hundreds of canals and is home to large areas of parkland. Near its core, Inner Alster lake is dotted with boats and surrounded by cafes. Families can enjoy sunny outdoor nature activities for kids, like strolling and cycling along the city’s many waterways in the summer and ice skating in the winter.


To find out more general info about the climate, environment, culture, transportation & lifestyle in Hamburg, check out this great article from US blogger Hannah Teslin.


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