Munich Healthcare

Excellent Healthcare in Munich

Munich healthcare is widely considered to be of an excellent standard. Munich is home to some of the leading hospitals in the German healthcare sector, including medical centres and children’s hospitals with international English-speaking doctors for foreign residents and visitors.


Healthcare in Munich for families

Dedicated maternity clinics in Munich ensure a qualified gynaecologist or paediatrician nearby, with many additional healthcare services available to new mums and families. Whether families need a child psychologist or are looking for English speaking dentists in Munich, parents have plenty of choice in the Bavarian capital.


Alternative Therapists and Natural Medicine in Munich

There are also a number of recommended alternative therapists in Munich with skills in a range of fields dedicated to health and wellbeing, from support with nutrition or homeopathy, to physiotherapy and acupuncture.


Munich Health and Wellness

The city offers a healthy and active lifestyle, with many different fitness clubs and group classes available throughout Munich too, including outdoor workouts in several of the city’s parks.


More Information

To read more information on the German healthcare system, visit the MumAbroad Ultimate Guide to Moving to Germany.


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